Synergy Food Ingredients (SFI) works with clients in the food and petfood industries around the globe, helping them protect and grow their business.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on this page give more background on SFI, how SFI can help your business and our ways of working.

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Synergy Food Ingredients is based in the UK, how do you work with customers based outside the UK?

Depending on the needs of the project and the wishes of the customer, SFI has the capability of working with clients at their own location, by remote working or a combination of these.

SFI has extensive experience of remote working on projects where parts of the project team are based around the world eg Europe, Asia and the USA, to deliver successful project outcomes that meet customer needs.

To discuss your needs and how your business can benefit from working with SFI, contact us.

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How can Synergy Food Ingredients help me to demonstrate due diligence and protect my business?

An important aspect of protecting your business and demonstrating due diligence is food safety and quality risk management of food ingredients and your finished products eg food and petfood.

SFI delivers confidential consultancy and training to help clients understand the hazards associated with food ingredients eg food safety, quality, how to control these and implement food safety and quality systems to demonstrate compliance and due diligence.

To learn more, please visit the Risk Management page or contact us.

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How can Synergy Food Ingredients help my business to innovate, save money and grow?

SFI has an extensive knowledge base on food ingredient applications, built over 30 years experience in the food industry.

This covers many different food ingredient groups including proteins, oils / fats, neutraceuticals (natural antioxidants, vitamins etc), starches and especially hydrocolloids (gels and thickeners).

SFI delivers confidential consultancy and training to help clients innovate, save money and grow by giving them a better understanding of the options for innovation, recipe cost optimisation and growth.

Our food safety and quality management services helps clients grow whilst balancing the risk to their business that might result from change and innovation.

To learn more, please visit the Food Ingredients page or contact us.

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What are technology searches and how can these help my business?

Technology searches (or scans) are data gathering tools, used to identify the status of current knowledge from a range of published information sources eg libraries, internet etc.

These give businesses the information needed to make informed decisions on innovation opportunities based on current scientific / technological data and trends, to identify centres of excellence and identify partnering opportunities.

SFI offers clients a confidential service to provide technology searches based on information in the public domain.

To learn more, please visit the Technology Searches page or contact us.

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Where is Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd registered?

The company registration details are:- Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd, Registered in England & Wales; Registered Office : 370-374 Nottingham Rd. Newthorpe, Nottingham , NG16 2ED; Company No 5703685

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What are Synergy Food Ingredients Terms & Conditions?

Customers will be invoiced for consultancy fees, workshop training fees and agreed travel and subsistence costs associated with the project proposal agreed between the client and SFI Ltd.

Invoices are payable in Pounds Sterling (GB Pounds) and are subject to payment within 10 days of the date shown on the invoice.

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