Food Ingredients
Innovate, Save Money & Grow

Synergy Food Ingredients (SFI) offers clients the benefits of more than 30 years food ingredients experience. Our knowledge base includes dry animal and vegetable proteins, oils /fats, hydrocolloids and neutraceuticals.

Delivered to meet their needs, SFI delivers consultancy and training helping clients innovate, save money and grow by giving them a better understanding of the options for innovation and recipe cost-optimisation.

All aspects of the full innovation process are covered, including

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Risk assessment
  • Selection of options
  • Development
  • Specification
  • Food safety management
  • Quality risk management
  • Factory and market implementation 

With more than 30 years expertise, a major speciality is the use of hydrocolloids (gels, thickeners and stabilisers) to generate texture and stabilise food systems including low fat spreads, milk drinks, sauces and wet, moist pet food.

Building on this experience, SFI helps food and petfood industry clients innovate, save money and grow.

Clients benefit from:-

  • Increased confidence
  • Better understanding of the opportunities and risks
  • Technical support for the full innovation process from identification of opportunities, through development, risk assessment, implementation and troubleshooting
  • Demonstrating compliance and due diligence

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